Simply Mac Check Up

Bring your Mac in for a check-up

Only Simply Computing offers Simply Mac Check-Up, our comprehensive analysis and optimization for your Mac. We’re offering a $30 discount on our Mac Check-Up, now just $69.99 until March 8th. This service includes:


Upgrade your Mac
Recommend upgrades
Even a perfectly-functioning Mac can be even better. We’ll show you the options to speed up your Mac and get more storage – and anything else you might need.
Training and Support
Get a report on your Mac’s health
We will check if your Operating System is up to date and show you how to keep your data safe with a backup strategy.
Drive with confidence
Get a clean bill of health
Because we thoroughly test the internal hardware of your Mac, you can be assured it’s in good working order. If we spot a problem we’ll let you know right away – and if your Mac is under warranty, we’ll fix it at no extra cost.

All the details

Your Mac will be cared for by our Apple Certified Mac Technicians in our award-winning service department. Here’s what we do in our Check-Up:

Check and verify your Mac’s vital statistics

We’ll check how full your hard drive is and how much memory is installed, what operating system you’re running and your warranty expiry date. We’ll also ask you how your Mac is performing.

Run Apple Service Diagnostics

The Apple Service Diagnostics are a suite of the most stringent hardware tests available for the Mac. These diagnostic tools are provided directly by Apple and only to Apple Authorized Service Providers like Simply Computing.

Verify integrity of your storage

The Storage Diagnostics and SMART tests check the internal error-reporting mechanism of the hard drive itself, and can catch problems with your drive before they happen.

Optimize Directory Structure and Repair File Permissions

Every file on a Mac knows which users and programs are allowed to access it. These permissions sometimes get skewed, which can cause subtle glitches or reduce system performance. We check for permissions issues and fix them if we find them.

Prescribe Upgrades

Some extra RAM or upgrading your Mac’s storage to an SSD might just be the ticket to a more responsive Mac. We’ll let you know what hardware upgrades might help you get more out of your Mac.

Coach you on your data backup strategy

Hard drives (even the new SSD Flash memory ones) fail every day – even in Macs. We want to make sure you always have an extra copy of your files (usually on an external hard drive) so you never have to go through the pain of data loss.

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